Huishan Economic Development Zone (HEDZ) was first established in July 2001 and approved by Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government as the provincial-level economic development zone in February 2002.Located in the due north of Wuxi, HEDZ is adjacent to Jiangyin — the county-level city of Wuxi with Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Wuxi-Jiangyin Expressway and Wuxi-Yixing Expressway meeting here, thus making it easily accessible.

Solicitude in Hot Summer

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In the afternoon of 28th, July, Leaders in Development Zone Administration Committee, Yang Jianping, Pu Mingfeng, Xu Xixing, You Yufeng, etc. sent their solicitude to staff who are working in hot summer and expressed their gratitude to their hard work in hot summer. .The group visited City Management Squadron, Police Station, China State Construction Engineering Co.,Ltd, Traffic Police Station and Staff working in hot summer. When they visited environment protection workers in Zhenghe Avenue, leaders in Administration Committee shook hands with them and supplied them with solicitude goods. Leaders in Administration Committee expressed their gratitude to environment protection staff working in hot summer for their hard work to landscape and environment protection of Huishan New City and hoped that they should pay more attention to heatstroke prevention when they are working.
In City Management Squadron and Police Station, Member of District Standing Committee and Director of Development Zone Administration Committee, Yang Jianping expressed his gratitude to all staff for their contribution to stable and harmonious life of Huishan New City and asked them to pay more attention to heatstroke prevention and make their efforts to do work better.
At construction site of China State Construction Engineering,Co.,Ltd, Solicitude Group sent their solicitude goods to staff who are working at site. Solicitude Group hoped that when staff at site should not only pay attention to project quality and project progress and project safety, but also focus on heatstroke prevention and inspired them to bear hardships and stand hard work so as to make their efforts to finish construction as early as possible.
When solicitude group came to traffic police station, Director Yang enquired traffic patrol situation in hot summer, expressed that safe and free road in development zone can not leave their hard working, and asked them to pay more attention to heatstroke prevention.