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Huishan Economic Development Zone (HEDZ) was first established in July 2001 and approved by Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government as the provincial-level economic development zone in February 2002.Located in the due north of Wuxi, HEDZ is adjacent to Jiangyin — the county-level city of Wuxi with Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Wuxi-Jiangyin Expressway and Wuxi-Yixing Expressway meeting here, thus making it easily accessible.


Wuxi Outang Vocational Education Park
The park is located in the west of Qianqiao, with Shunke Mountain and Jilong Mountain in the south, north to the Xi-Yi freeway, and east to the Qianluo Road. It covers 14.78 square kilometers, with a building area of 12.06 square kilometers, including 4 square kilometers Education Park, 1.75 square kilometers training base, 2.15 square kilometers education spare area and 2.15 square kilometers living area. Besides, there is also landscaping and green land. The structure is divided into one belt, one piece, two regions and two bases. The belt is the Yangxi River Eco Park. The piece is the residence living land around the north of Yangxi River. The two regions are the starting area and spare area. The two bases are the train bases of Hengyuanxiang and Qianqiao. The starting area under construction is in the south-east of the park with the area of about 2 square kilometers.
This year, the construction will be focused on the Jiangsu College Of Information and Technology, Wuxi Nanyang Professional Technology College, Jiangnan Yingshi Art College and Wuxi Jishi College. Meanwhile, the construction for new campus of Wuxi Commercial Technology College will speed up. The project is supposed to be finished in three years and the park is expected to be finished during the eleventh five-year plan.
Technical Education Park also makes some innovation in its construction system, adopting the operating mode of "urban joint, Park-based, schools in the Park involved". Huishan District has established special organizations to take charge of the construction of the park.
The construction of the Outang Professional Education Park is a key strategic decision made by Municipal Committee and government for developing the professional education and promoting the city development. There are 75 secondary vocational schools, and 10 vocational technical colleges.
The campus of colleges which are going to move into the park are not large enough, some of them even rent lands outside school for setting up courses dispersedly. This is not good for a long-term development. It brings a lot of benefits for these colleges set together. It will create a good environment for the professional education in the city, because it’s easier to make integrated plan, the resource can be shared, and the ratio of land and funds can be improved. It will also promote the development of talents, transporting talents for Wuxi creating the international manufacture base. Meanwhile, it will also help develop the areas around Outang, promote the urbanization of west Wuxi, push forward the new rural construction, and enhance the competitiveness of this region.