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Huishan Economic Development Zone (HEDZ) was first established in July 2001 and approved by Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government as the provincial-level economic development zone in February 2002.Located in the due north of Wuxi, HEDZ is adjacent to Jiangyin — the county-level city of Wuxi with Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Wuxi-Jiangyin Expressway and Wuxi-Yixing Expressway meeting here, thus making it easily accessible.

Tourist Attractions

Plum Garden

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It is located at eastern hill in the western suburbs of Wuxi and on the south slope of Hu Mountain. It is 7 km to downtown and 1.5 km to Tai Lake. Extensive Plum Planting in the garden is famous scenic spot for watching plum in south Yangtze. Plum Garden, on the south by Tai Lake, on the north by Dragon Mountain, is clean, green and serene. The corner of the garden looks like horizontal Zither. Hill covered by plum is unique. Pavilions, stairs, buildings, and pagodas around hill are in picturesque disorder.

Wu Culture Park

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Wu Culture Exhibition Museum (Wu Culture Park) is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu with 46.7 Hectare and 3 5000 m2 archaized ancient building area. It is the first culture garden invested by peasants in China. The connotation of Wu Garden is Wu Culture. There are 17 exhibition areas, such as Dao Fen Dyke, Chan Sang Alley, Boat & Bridge History Museum, Transportation Museum, South Yangtze Civilization Garden, Education Museum, Humanity Museum, Student Education Campsite, and so on.

Tortoise Head Garden

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TortoiseHead Gardenwas found in 1918. It was a private garden of national businessman named Yang Hanxi. It is rated as the first wonderful scenery in Wuxi. All kinds of garden buildings are build here, like Changchun Bridge, Chenglan Hall, Feiyun Loft, Jinsong building, Guangfu Temple, Taozhu Pavilion, etc. There are many characteristic and unique scenic spots such as Immortal Island of Taihu Lake, Tortoise Head Garden, Millions of Wave Eating Snow, Sunshine on the Head of Deer, Green Mountain with Mysterious Scenery, and so on.